I was in an accident.
I lost my memory.
I use music to get it back and
to make new ones f
or me and you.


DJ CherishTheLuv

DJ CherishTheLuv

Cynthia *CherishTheLuv* Malaran
Music DJ, Fine Art canvas jockey, Hospice Palliative Caregiver using Music

For info on the MUSIC HEALS journey
call (646) 244-5379 / email DJ Cherish The Luv | Yelp | Facebook |

Music Therapy in Effect:
What would you do if suddenly you did not know who you are nor how you did what you used to do? This happened to me.

I searched for answers. I looked for teachers. I rebuilt my identity. I made a ton of mistakes.
I discovered gratitude. I searched for healing and then I discovered music. No therapy, medication nor counseling was able to reconnect me to my memories after my injury like music has, and what an exquisite blessing it has been to experience music in this new way, as "medicine." I experience music now, "old" and "new", looking for the "healing point" in each song and I would like to remind the public of why music was created in the first place...to heal.

DJ CherishTheLuv, known during the day as Cynthia Cherish Malaran, is a native New York City DJ on the art gallery and event scene, reigniting awareness and sparking conversations on how Music Heals. As a phoenix and survivor of traumatic brain injury, Cynthia Cherish uses music for healing purposes, to regain her memories and to create exciting new ones for all.

As a Hospice of New York Agent, DJ CherishTheLuv brings palliative music comfort to the terminally ill— those dying of cancer, AIDS and other illnesses. DJing for the dying and taking last requests is an experience that is so difficult to put to words, but so easy to feel.

This DJ is also the Founder, Lead Coach and Publisher of Healing House Publishing. Cynthia Cherish is publishing her musical healing journey, entitled “Music Heals,” a collection of inspirational healing stories from her encounters with people in and through music, and how she learned how to live again.

In this book, DJ CherishTheLuv writes about her “PennyParties,” DJing for charities and benefits, where she charges only one single penny for her DJ contributions.
Book a PennyParty by calling (646) 244-5379.

And, to answer the question most commonly asked, yes,
Cherish is her real middle name, given to her by her totally cool Momma.

“Thank you, Mom, for the daily reminder to cherish life.”

Cynthia Cherish Malaran DJ CherishTheLove

DJ Cherish The Luv

DJ CherishTheLuv

DJ CherishTheLuv

As the Painting DJ:

This is my study of the transfer of energy, vibration and intention onto grooves in canvas. I hear what is played before me, it passes through my ears down to my hands and gets pressed, literally, onto my canvas "vinyl." This is how records are made! When the painting is done, the label personalized, the recipient touches and experiences the grooves I have created, with their own hands, THEIR STYLUS, and takes that energy with them then, further passing that vibe on. I am healing my musical and artistic side by combining the two in ways people have not seen before. Nobody in their right mind would ever take liquids to a pair of Technics turntables, but I do, for the sake of improvisation, creativity, the sharpening of my bare attention skillset, as I reconnect with music and art all over again since my 2008 accident that affected my memory. This, is my meditation.

I get to reignite and combine my Art and Music education with my ceramics background and my love of DJing and music production...collaborating with beasts of musicians and poets... This feels so right to me.

Cynthia *CherishTheLuv* Malaran
Music DJ, Fine Art canvas jockey, Hospice Palliative Caregiver using Music

For info on the MUSIC HEALS journey
call (646) 244-5379 / email DJ Cherish The Luv | Yelp | Facebook |

Agent for Hospice of NY, Alumni of the School of Visual Arts,
Third Street Music School Settlement, Dubspot EMP/DJ School NYC,
and Free Play by Stephen Nachmanovitch

art+music merge into one for events, fashion, memories.
have turntables, paints and heart. will travel.

Greetings Vinyl Collectors, Art Collectors, and Music Lovers!
As the painting DJ, I record your music and memories onto canvas,
capture your special song, your marriage proposal, your first dance,
your spoken words, into grooves with my stylus as the moment dictates.

DJ Artista in Private Collections
DJ Artista Lifestyle

Keep an eye out for DJ Artista paintings of Lou Reed, Bassist Will Lee, Tabitha Fair, Kj Denhert, John Putnam, Jen Chapin, Henry Hey, Doug Hinrichs, Tony Coniff, Rich Mercurio, Mino Cinelu, Julie Sax, Steve Johnson, and so many more... Please support my musician friends who all have big hearts and massive talent. I love doing benefit concerts and collaborations, so reach out if you've got one on the radar!

"Cherish The Love!"
— GZA, Wu-Tang Clan

"Thank you for your art—your contribution and your beautiful energy!"
— KJ Denhert, Urban Folk and Jazz Artista

"Cynthia, you wear your soul on your sleeve and your heart is right there in your eyes.
You're an inspiration as an artist and a great collaborator, as well!"
— Will Lee, CBS Orchestra Bassist, Late Show With David Letterman

"We keep DJ Artista in mind for any PeepsOut parties we want to bring to the next level."
— Nobles Crawford, Co-Founder & CEO, PeepsOut

DJ Artista

DJ Artista Cynthia Cherish Malaran

special love and thanks to:
Art+Beatbox Dynamics' Adam Matta, Cynthia Cherish Malaran and Masai Electro

© cynthia cherish malaran 2013 • Healing House Publishing
special thanks to allentown artists gregory coates and femi j. johnson, desi k. robinson and shaktiphoto for photography